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Read On Write Away is an initiative to improve literacy in Derby and Derbyshire. They have helped to improve literacy in the workplace, equipping the workforce with key skills which can improve both employees and the business at large. ROWA also come up with imaginative ideas for schools and family activities which are both entertaining and informative. They have also devised many community based opportunities for adults and young people.

Literacy is a really important skill. Anyone of any age who struggles should certainly consider improving it as it opens up many career paths and allows you to greater appreciate the written word and learn how to write skilfully yourself.

Many career possibilities are opened up to people with literacy skills. One great possibility is writing for the internet as the demand for written online material continues to increase. For example, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process by which skilled writers increase the visibility of a website.

SEO is used by businesses to increase traffic to and interest in their websites. It investigates what people search for, what terms they use and which search engines their target audience prefers.

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Read On Write Away (ROWA) is a strategy based in Derbyshire with the goal of improving the literacy of people in the local area. They come up with ideas to improve literacy skills at schools, in the workplace and in the family to help people of all ages. They believe that improved literacy is the way towards helping education and performance within the classroom and workplace. This website is a tribute site to the work of ROWA and is not affiliated to it.

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